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Q: Can anyone submit project ideas for free and present them for potential team formation?
A: Yes!

Q: If we do an in-person pitch and have a presentation with slides will there be something available to present on or would it be easier to present with slides virtually?
A: Yes! If you do not have a laptop to use for your presentation, please share your deck with Michelle via Google Slides or via USB drive and you can use Impact Hub Houston's computer (which will be connected to the zoom) for presentation.

Q: If no one else is interested in working on my project, can I still participate to help other teams with selected projects?
A: Absolutely! If you submit a project but everyone else has signed up to work on other projects, you can choose to continue working solo or join someone else's project/team.

Q: Is the “Hackathon pitch Guide” template for the final presentation on 9/18?
A: Yes, the pitch deck template provided on DevPost is for you and/or your team to use for final judging.


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